The world’s most-sold bulk packaging system re-launches with superior new design

The world’s most-sold bulk packaging system – the HAVER & BOECKER ROTO-PACKER® – has been re-launched in its most advanced design yet, and it’s now available in Australia.

The ROTO-PACKER®, developed by leading manufacturer of processing and packing technology HAVER & BOECKER, is a rotating high-performance packing system for loose, bulk materials in the cement, building materials, minerals and chemical industries. The new ROTO-PACKER® ‘RVT’ model was developed with customer feedback in mind and addresses key challenges around performance, operation, downtime, cleanliness and presentation.

HAVER & BOECKER Australia’s Sales Manager for Packaging Technology, Alan Arbotante, said:At the core of optimum packing system performance is proper weight. At the heart of the ROTO-PACKER® RVT is its MEC 4.0 weighing system, which not only serves as a scale but a configurable control system for the complete packing system. It provides ideal weights and ensures that product is never wasted.”

Another key feature, developed with the customer in mind, is its ease of use.

“Customer feedback was that ease of use is key,” said Mr Arbotante. “With less time for training and increased job turnover, an intuitive operating system is essential.”

The RVT uses LED mood lighting and talks to the operator. Different lights indicate various statuses. The large touch-screen panel offers all features at a click of a button. It can be set to different user interfaces such as operator, maintenance or service technician.

The optional HAVER Quattro technology allows users to document and adapt the RVT operational settings according to the team’s needs. It also enables remote monitoring of the machine’s conditions.

“To maximise productivity, customers also want a packing machine to be able to flow constantly, even during maintenance and repairs. For this reason, the RVT has been designed modularly allowing filling modules to be maintained and repaired while the system remains in operation,” said Mr Arbotante.

Minimising product spillages and maintaining a clean working environment is another important factor.

“If not maintained properly, one primary source of spillage in high-performance rotating packing systems is the sliding plates, which link the impeller box and filling spout. The RVT, along with our new ELEMENTRA® EVT machine, are the world’s only packing systems that allows you to replace the sliding plates with a ROTO-LOCK dosing unit as an option,” said Mr Arbotante.

The ROTO-LOCK is a rotating flow gate. It completely eliminates spillage during the dosing process and requires almost no maintenance. The ROTO-LOCK is designed in a manner that allows the customer to retrofit their RVT at any time. It can even be retrofitted on all ROTO-PACKERs® built since 2000.

“The final feature we focused on when developing the RVT was the bag appearance,” said Mr Arbotante.

“Exceptional, clean bag appearance is vital for branding.”

Customers have the option to have their RVT equipped with SEAL technology. The SEAL eliminates spillage by inflating a rubber sleeve on a specially designed filling spout during the filling process. After filling, the bag is carefully pulled off the spout and welded shut using an ultrasound sealing device. The result is an absolutely compact and clean bag with superior presentation.

Additionally, the SEAL system avoids spillage during transport and prevents any kind of contamination or product extraction. This allows customers to increase weight accuracy without the need to overfill the bag. Similar to the ROTO-LOCK, the SEAL system can be retrofitted to the RVT or any ROTO-PACKER® built after 2000.

“The resulting additional product profit to your operation far outweighs the extra expense to installing the SEAL system,” said Mr Arbotante.

 “The RVT model is designed to fulfill any and every performance requirement customers may have. Just like today’s cars, you can configure the RVT in any way you want. Even if you’re not sure about your performance requirements for the future, you can choose to configure your RVT so that it can be upgraded at a later point in time.”

In addition to the new ROTO-PACKER® RVT, HAVER & BOECKER has also released a new version of its stationary valve bag packing system, ELEMENTRA®. ELEMENTRA® is ideal for

filling any kind of loose, bulk product of the cement, building materials, building minerals, chemicals and foodstuffs industries at small to medium speeds of up to 1,200 bags per hour. The new ELEMENTRA® ‘EVT’ model features all the RVT innovations including the MEC 4.0 weighing system, the intuitive operation system, optional Quattro technology, constant flow during maintenance, ROTO-LOCK dosing unit and SEAL packaging technology.

“The result is a premium quality packer that fulfills all customer demands for product variety, performance, cleanliness and weight accuracy. All mechanical and electrical components are easily accessible and it offers real modularity at a market competitive price,” said Mr Arbotante.



HAVER & BOECKER Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of German-based HAVER & BOECKER (, a leading developer and manufacturer of processing and packing technology for the minerals, chemicals and building materials industries.

Founded in 1887, HAVER & BOECKER has more than 125 years of experience in supplying innovative solutions worldwide for the processing, storage, mixing, packing, filling, palletising and loading of bulk materials.

Its products are offered through the Group’s seven technology members: Haver & Tyler, IBAU Hamburg, Feige Filling, Sommer, BEHN + BATES, Newtec Bag Palletizing and HAVER & BOECKER.

It is the company’s mission to bring new approaches and technologies to market that set new benchmarks in efficiency and productivity.